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Bali is a small island with an expanse of ±5,632.86 Km2, that’s 0.29% of the total area of Indonesian Ar­chipelago. Local population is approximately 3.5 mil­lion. With the absence of potential mining and a lim­ited productive farming area, Bali has to rely primarily on the beauty of its nature and culture as an attrac­tive staple. For the traveler around the globe, Bali has been well-known and admired as a select destination. To improve the well-being of the people, tourism is considered as a very suitable industry.

Photo-Udara-Nusa-Dua copyNusa Dua Tourism Resort was created because of objective requirement of high-quality rooms to accommodate the ever increasing visitor. The pre­vious study showed that a significant amount of international-quality hotels and lodging compounds is required for accommodation. In 1975, there were only 1800 rooms available around Kuta and Sanur.
Nua Dua Project as a part of Bali Tourism De­velopment Master Plan is an integrated tourism area and accommodation plan, set at a consider­able distance from the native Balinese settlement. As a result, the negative influence of tourism could be restrained. Bukit stretch to Nusa Dua is most suit­able land for that end, barren lot of limestone but on the other hand beautiful white sand of beach, rarely peopled and virtually separated from the rest of tra­ditional Balinese as well as its immediate reach to Ngurah Rai Airport are the factors.Nusa Dua manages approximately 350 hectares of land which previously barren and unproductive but now become an attractive Tour­ism Area in Bali. This Area has achieved International recognition as one of the six best tourist destinations in the world. The construction of the infrastructures has been carried out by BTDC with the funding derived from the Word Bank based on appraisal con­ducted on May 1974. The Loan has been paid by BTDC advanced of the due date.


  • To be a Developer And Management Company In Tourism Resort That Excels In The Field Of Service


  • To Conduct Management Activities On Sustainable Tourist Resorts In A Professional And Qualified Manner
  • Develop Integrated Tourist Resorts In The Regions Of Indonesia Which Have Potentials For Tourism Based On The Prospective Business Feasibility Analysis
  • Generate Optimum Benefits To Stakeholders In Accordance With Sound Business Principles


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